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Loving toilets would be weird, but we sure do love to make our customers happy… and dealing with toilets is just part of the job!

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How Much is Your Old Toilet Costing You?

As it goes with most renovations once you start somewhere a whole slew of new “problems” arise and need to be fixed. Take your faucets for example. You may have just replaced the one in your kitchen but now you notice your bathroom faucets have been dripping for some time and you never really paid attention until now. Buying faucets can be tricky as not all faucets are created equally. Our Plumber Corona CA experts will be able to help you determine if you need a whole new faucet or simply to repair your existing one.  

While we are in the bathroom, when was the last time you checked your toilet? How long have you been in your home? Is it the same toilet that was with the house when it was first built? Repairing a toilet is something no one really wants to think about. It is proven that unchecked toilets can damage your home and your pocket book. Unless you have a toilet that was designed within the last few years, you’re looking at a daily appliance that uses almost 4 gallons of clean water with EACH FLUSH! Do you have kids? Think about that the next time they go in there increasing your water usage up to 40%. It is imperative to call one of our Corona Plumbers experts to significantly decrease installation and repair costs.

Fixtures, Faucets, and Toilets

A Team of Knowledgable Professionals Are Waiting to Help

The infamous kitchen reno is leering its transformative facelift at you and while you could get away with DIY floor installation and maybe try your hand at some carpentry skills, being able to install the kitchen fixtures is a whole different ball game. To ensure your sink, or garbage disposal, or that new dishwasher perform at their peak levels of energy efficiency; you really will want to consider having those connections professionally installed.

Dishwashers are connected to kitchen sink water lines and those water lines use your sinks drainage system to flush the dirty water out of the dishwasher down the sink drain. However, if your sink is clogged with food or grease or other residue it can cause all that dirty water to backup into your dishwasher. Talk to a professional about the best way to install these fixtures.

We have a very knowledgeable crew to help install any dishwasher brand as well as providing the additional skill set of sink water and drainage line installation.

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In our relationships with our customers, just like any relationship, we believe communication is key. You will not be left in the dark with our service team, and we will be open and honest in response to any questions you have. 

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Our employees at Corona CA Plumbers are the most skilled in the industry. We have continuous trainings and always follow safety procedures. There is nothing you have to worry about when hiring us to do the job.

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We use only the highest quality of materials, and accept nothing less from our employees than quality service to our customers. Along with our open communication policy and reliable team, we have no doubt you will be happy with our service. 

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